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Evaporative cooling systems are a cost effective water solution. Fresh air blows through the vent outlets and forces warmer air out of the open windows to your home. This lovely cooling system will keep the residents of Melbourne cool all year around.


What are evaporative cooling units and how do they work?

Evaporative cooling units are the most cost effective cooling system for cooling homes, and they make use of only fresh air and evaporative process to cool homes. Evaporative cooling systems are the most beneficial air conditioning units for those that suffer from asthma and allergies. This is because it filters dust and pollens. We offer professional installation on a wide range of cheap, reliable, energy efficient evaporative cooling units.


Evaporative cooling systems are made up of a centralized cooling unit that is connected to a series of discreet vents and points passing through the home. It draws fresh air through moistened pads. This is because the air that passes through it is first cooled and filtered. Then the air will be delivered to your home. Warm air is transported out of open windows which leave your home cool during hot weather. Evaporative cooling is a cost effective home air cooling solution.

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We have our team of helpful and very friendly installation staff who are well trained in all aspects of air conditioning installation. Customer satisfaction, application, and the environment are very important to us. We always strive to keep our customers in comfort every single hour of the year and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


It is very important to service your air conditioners regularly if they are to perform optimally according to the specification of the manufacturer. We take pride in our in-house maintenance contracts as we always do a great maintenance job regardless of the type of air conditioning unit we work on.

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Our air conditioning service is very professional, friendly and cost effective. Here, we service a wide range of air conditioners ranging from ducted refrigerating systems to split systems and other add-on cooling systems.

Evaporative Cooling Servicing and Maintenance

It is recommended to have your evaporative cooling system serviced regularly to make sure your unit is working safely and efficiently. Servicing and regular maintenance will not only make sure that your system is up and running, keeping you in comfort in your place, it has the benefit of reducing your power bills and ensuring the lifetime of the system is extended as long as possible as well.


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Evaporative Cooling Servicing and Maintenance

It is recommended that you service your evaporative cooling system regularly to ensure that your unit is working efficiently and safely. Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure that your evaporative cooling system is running smoothly making you comfortable in your home. It has the added benefit of reducing power bills and ensuring that the lifetime of your system is extended for as long as possible.

All of our air conditioning service installation and service technicians are reliable, qualified and trustworthy. We use top notch equipment, and we strictly comply with all Australian occupational safety and health standards. You can rest assured that we will offer you a quality, complete professional service.

What do we offer with our evaporative cooling service?

  • We’ll remove all filter pads, check and wash them. This is because pads get a build-up of dirt, salts, and dust. Our annual maintenance will ensure that clean filtered air is blown through all your ducts into your home.
  • We’ll remove snorkel/dump valve and clean the internal basin of the cooler removing all the sludge and salts build up.
  • We’ll remove the pump from the pump basket. We’ll clean the pump and basket of dirt and any leaf matter; then we reinstate the pump.
  • We’ll remove spider webs from inside the unit and on the outside of the filters and casings.
  • We’ll check and clean the fan and inspect its balance.
  • We’ll fit the pads back, and we give the whole unit an anti-bacteria panel wash.

You should be advised that servicing is different from repair work. Servicing does not involve any repair work. All repairs are billed separately, or they may need to be referred to the manufacturer of the unit. You will be notified of the cost of any repair before repair work starts.

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