Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning in Melbourne

Why is a Refrigerated Ducted RC system the best for the residents of Melbourne? There are a few points that you should think of to ensure that it will meet your specifications such as:


You should ensure that you select a machine that can keep up with your demand. Ducted RC systems are not designed to cool the whole of your house. They are just designed to cool a little portion of it. This is why we make use of “zones.” You should ensure that the machine you choose is capable of operating all the rooms you need it to carry on a hot day. If the number of rooms you want the machine to carry is larger than its capacity, it won’t reach its expected temperature. A bigger machine that runs at 70% efficiency will consume less power than a smaller one running at 100% capacity.



These are setups that allow us to pick the rooms that we condition in our place and the one that we do not need. Zones do not affect the operating costs of a machine directly. When you turn off a zone, that doesn’t mean the machine will slow down its operations. But when we turn off some unused rooms, the air meant for them will be redirected to other rooms that we are using at the moment. This will increase the airflow through those rooms and cool them faster. This allows the machine to reduce its output and save more on power usage.


Zones give you the advantage of being able to turn off the AC on or off in a particular space. But don’t install a smaller capacity machine because your AC units have zones installed. There will come a period where you may need to power on multiple zones at the same time.



There are a lot of control systems available for individual machines on the market. Some of these controls are made by the manufacturer while aftermarket manufacturers make some.


We recommend that you try as much as possible to make use of manufacturer’s equipment in achieving the functionality in your system. If you need a zoned system, you should pick a brand that provides for zones in their machines rather than fitting an aftermarket controller to your system. If you need a Wi-Fi remote control of your system, it’s best to select a brand that provides that feature as a part of the machine. Apart from the fact that the manufacturer’s equipment is sure to work correctly and seamlessly, it will be tidier and simpler to use.



Ducting comes from so many places in different styles. There are some things you need to ensure that your system is working at its capable best. Ensure that your ducting has at least a rating of R1.0, no matter how thick the installation is. You should also ensure that all the ducting used for your unit have an AS fire rating. You do not want a burnt toast starting a fire in your home through your air conditioning system and moving to other parts of your home.

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We have our team of helpful and very friendly installation staff who are well trained in all aspects of air conditioning installation. Customer satisfaction, application, and the environment are very important to us. We always strive to keep our customers in comfort every single hour of the year and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


It is very important to service your air conditioners regularly if they are to perform optimally according to the specification of the manufacturer. We take pride in our in-house maintenance contracts as we always do a great maintenance job regardless of the type of air conditioning unit we work on.

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Our air conditioning service is very professional, friendly and cost effective. Here, we service a wide range of air conditioners ranging from ducted refrigerating systems to split systems and other add-on cooling systems.

Refrigerated Ducted Cooling System Servicing and Maintenance

It is recommended that you have your refrigerated ducted cooling system often serviced so as to ensure that your system is working efficiently with maximum safety guaranteed.


You should use only genuine duct cleaning technology and equipment. Our air conditioning service offer very fast and personalised quality servicing that will guarantee the best result in cleaning your ducted cooling system.


Millions of germs and dust mites infest ducted cooling and heating systems in Australia. This could expose children and elderly people to a headache, allergies, and asthma.


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